Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Hello everyone:

I realize I haven't been very regular with my blogs. However, I would like to update my fellow readers about my recent experiences.

Most recently, I was showing condos in North York area to first time home buyers. I am proud to say that they have successfully bought a condo through us! I negotiated (saved) them almost $15,000!!! :-)

I am really glad for them! At first when they came to see myself and my team member, they were quite apprehensive. However, after answering their questions and giving them a brief overview of current market conditions they were quite pleased and calm about their first home-buying process.

If you are looking to buy and you are a first time home buyer, contact me today for a free consultation on the entire home-buying process. Let me save you time and money!

With that being said, I will be calling it a night. I had a very long day today taking care of my paperwork and showing more properties to a young investor.